J’Excelle offers you a personalized service of revision of texts relating to your university and college works. Grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation will be scrutinized by a review team who will share their knowledge of the language with you.

Our basic rate is very competitive and takes into account:

  • The number of words in your document.
  • Type of document that you have written as part of your college or university work.
  • The time that you allow us to do the correction work.

To take advantage of this personalized service, please use our calculation tool to obtain a real estimate of the cost and send us your text in .docx format. It’s simple, fast and efficient … and it’s the only robot that we put at your disposal!



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The revision of your text will begin as soon as the representative of J’Excelle confirms receipt of your payment. Rates are subject to change after the evaluation of the criteria.