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J’Excelle offers tutoring in-person or online in all subjects from kindergarten to college. Our mission is to support students in their academic journey while maintaining an affordable rate for our clients.

With your tutor, you can carry out your tutoring sessions from the comfort of your home, using our interactive platform.

Our platform offers you the possibility of making a video, audio call, or a simple chat with your tutor in order to continue your journey.

You can also exchange documents there, and doodle on the virtual board.

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Share your screen with your tutor, and vice versa.

Share files and photos (photos of procedures, photos of textbooks, exercise files, etc.)

Write and scribble on the online whiteboard.

Download whatever was written on the whiteboard at the end of the session.

J’Excelle offers you online courses in all subjects from kindergarten to university level. Contact us and we will find you an online tutoring.

Homework Help, Online Courses, Math Tutoring, French and more…

Rates start at $ 45 per hour and services are given online.