J’Excelle is a tutoring company founded by two individuals who were passionate about helping students facing difficulties in their educational journey. One of them was a university student offering tutoring services to her peers, while the other worked in the field of information technology. In 2014, they decided to establish a company that would address diverse educational needs and provide university students with the opportunity to share their knowledge and gain tutoring experience.

Over time, other individuals joined the team to promote J’Excelle’s tutoring services. Among them, there is a key team leader responsible for promotion and partnerships. Another individual, one of the most sought-after tutors, also serves as a representative. Next, a dynamic professional offered expertise in human resources and recruited many dedicated tutors committed to student success. Finally, a passionate communicator joined the team to handle marketing and advertising.

Currently, J’Excelle has nearly a thousand tutors available to help students in various regions across Canada.

Thanks to this talented team, J’Excelle has become a successful enterprise, but the story is far from over!